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Features of dbac™
  • Automatically identifies new oracle instances.
  • Quarantines new instances till it is safe for use by db users.
  • Scans while in Quarantine mode, Oracle instance for all vulnerabilities.
  • Similar to NAC (Network Admission Control).
  • Protects enterprise data and users against unprotected enterprise data.
  • Performs Penetration testing and other atomic checks for many critical vulnerabilities.

Oracle database admission control (dbac™) is analogous to NAC (Network Admission Control) commonly implemented at the Network Router level to identify and quarantine new hardware systems, till they are thoroughly scanned for vulnerabilities.

Instance Admission Control
dbac™ similarly, will detect new Oracle database instances, in the domain (range of IP addresses of an enterprise), seamlessly, quarantines it, and also scans for instance, user, data, schema, and OS vulnerabilities. Then it is placed for use in the enterprise, if it passes the scanning.

This product is based on the premise that your data base, may have very critical/confidential data like SSN, Credit Card info etc, and so the schema/meta data have to be checked before allowing users access to it, to prevent malicious users accessing confidential data.

Once dbac™ detects new Oracle instances, it immediately notifies DBA/CEO/CSO by e-mail alerts, on detecting of new Oracle instances, quarantine status etc.

Physical DB Vulnerabilities
dbac™ checks Oracle home directory file permission, database file permission, control file permission and log file permission to protect your database from accidental deletion, overwriting of a part or full files by the users.

Protecting Data – unique approach
database admission control is developed considering the high risk your precious data may have, from hacking and protect it from accidental deletion or overwriting by the users.

So before the database is accessible by users, it should be checked for its security. This product tries to protect your data, and schema, before it is used, rather than protecting against vulnerabilities, after it is already exposed to risks.

Database Admission Control (dbac™), the most useful tool for security officers and auditors to identify the potential vulnerabilities in the system. It can be installed very easily and can be executed much faster.
Please Note: dbac™ is a trademark of perfSYSTEMS India Pvt Ltd., India.