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Features of DataComparePro™
  • Supports Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access, databases for source and targets.
  • Provides graphical comparison report.
  • Comparison report groups the Missing, Duplicate and Discrepancy data separately for detailed analysis.
  • Provides data masking ability for sensitive data comparison.
  • Sampling is eliminated—all results (100%) are tested which is highly difficult task.
  • Agent less and supports multiple users to use the Application.
  • Dynamically generates test suites and QA method for target data verification and validation.
  • Can be made available on demand.


DataComparePro™ is a web based application developed to test the migrated data from legacy systems into target environment and to do pre migration testing.

DataComparePro™ - OVERVIEW

Migration must ensure the quality of critical data and content and it comes at a cost. The traditional method requires endless sampling of the data's to ensure the integrity which is labour-intensive and manual interventions.

Traditional migration test methods are no longer best practices. Instead, DataComparePro™ makes the migration data validation process simple. DataComparePro™ verifies all migration results (100%).

To ensure Best practices in migration testing and quality assurance DataComparePro™ dynamically generates and uses its own proprietary test suites and QA methods to verify and validate data on the target systems.

Special features of DataComparePro™
DataComparePro™ is more efficient and accurate than traditional sample-based test methods.

1. Mapping rules:
The source and the target database is selected and the mappings are easily set using a very user friendly web console.

2. Comparison:
The DataComparePro™ comparison identifies all differences between the source and the corresponding values expected in target.

3. Report:
DataComparePro™ lists all the data's classified as Discrepancy, Missing, Duplicate value with a more visually appealing manner based on the selected mapping specifications.

4. Pre Migration Testing:
DataComparePro™ supports pre migration testing to find out potential loss of data, junk characters in data etc. This feature greatly reduce the time spent on debugging, sampling data on post migration.

DataComparePro™ is the most useful tool for migration testing to identify the potential vulnerabilities in the system. It can be installed very easily and can be executed much faster. It ensures high quality in validation of data migration environment.

  Please Note: DataComparePro™ is a trademark of perfSYSTEMS India Pvt Ltd., India.
                       Beta version is not for sale.