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Testimonials for ezevntvue™

“Thank you, everyone at Perfsystems are creative. You guys are awesome!” 

- CEO, Leading Global Non Profit Organization

Testimonials for ezevntvue™

“Our events are getting popular only people like Raman and his team” ” 

- Event Manager, India’s Leading Professional Networking Portal


ezevntvue™ is a smarter web collaborated application for mobile device, which enables its users to be acquainted with the event.

ezevntvue™ - OVERVIEW

Mobile Applications are changing the way world is accessing information. With mobile devices along with mobile networks getting maturity, the capability to deliver data anytime and anywhere is possible now. Thus Perfsystems has launched it’s another mobile and web based application named ezevntvue

ezevntvue is a smart application runs on mobile phones which helps event organizers to manage their conferences effectively and also helps conference attendees to network with each other. The users are always finger-tipped with the information of the event such as Agenda, Speakers with their profiles, Delegates with their credentials etc…

ezevntvue enables attendees to associate  with each other, communicate by chatting messenger, get updates on the changes in schedules, programs etc. This acts as a virtual assistant for the attendees. This also helps the attendees to communicate with the event organizers for any assistance and shall give their feedback on the events.

ezevntvue helps the organizers to announce the notifications, changes or information to the delegates on the go. Administrators are helped with the attendees Management and Speakers Management of the event with this tool. This also enables the administrators to get the report on the feedbacks provided by attendees.

Special features of ezevntvue™
ezevntvue™ is more efficient and accurate networking engine for the events.

  • Social networking using Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
  • Private messaging between attendees.
  • Uploading photos.
  • Speaker management.
  • Making notes, minutes of the discussion with other attendees. This feature helps attendees to follow up after the event.
  • Daily planner and reminders.
  • Instant announcement to all conference attendees by the Admin dept.
  • Backup messages and notes made by attendees onto your computer for future reference.
  • Runs an all smart phones as well as on IE, Google Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Google Maps Integration and Local weather report
  Please Note: ezevntvue ™ is a trademark of perfSYSTEMS India Pvt Ltd., India.