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"This is a great work by the PS onsite team and offsite support team for data dictionary design"

- Technical Manager,Prominent BioMedical company, U.S.A.

"The audience liked the product and had good things to say about the new application. Perfsystems is further developing it and would soon be able to show that version also"

- Sr IT Manager, Mfg Company, MA, USA.

"Thanks To Perfsystems!.Again I am very satisfied about the PS dba team. People don't realize they are lucky to have an efficient dba team, in my previous job, the dba's were not so good, therefore it was very difficult to work. I feel very happy to work with PS team."

- PM, SW Consulting Company,USA.


Perfsystems offers its employees a challenging and varied work assignment with a team-oriented atmosphere and a competitive compensation package and benefits plan. Employees are also guaranteed for a work-related training every year and can participate in a semi-annual bonus scheme. It is a dynamic and growing organization that provides its employees the opportunity for rewarding careers.

Perfsystems is always searching for qualified business development, engineering and security software developing professionals seeking the opportunity to work with recognized experts and to apply cutting edge technologies while fulfilling the needs of our customers.

At Perfsystems you can Experience!!!

  • Freedom to Innovate
  • Challenging Projects
  • Amazing Working Culture
  • Exciting Growth
  • Excellent Environment
  • Exposure to Emerging Technologies

Staff benefits

  • Performance Bonus
  • Employee Incentive Stock Option*
  • Compensation Benefits
  • Onsite Projects*
  • Longevity/Tenure bonus