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Case Study
“We can almost automatically filter out the irregular access. We will be alerted of the access that is different from the normal access patterns. The illegal access can be detected efficiently and rapidly by checking SQL text.”

- Mr. Hasebe,
Network Administration Dept,
Plala Networks, Tokyo, Japan.

Developer of Industry Leading Products in Databases, Performance, Security, Migration, Mission Critical Application, Disaster Recovery, Mobile Applications, Cloud computing used by Top Companies World wide.
Oracle database admission control (dbac™) is analogous to NAC (Network Admission Control) commonly implemented at the Network Router level to identify and quarantine new hardware systems, till they are thoroughly scanned for vulnerabilities.
TurboLoadPro™ is an effective, high performance oracle loader tool which loads data from a flat file to the oracle database table using GUI.
DataComparePro™ is a web based application developed to test the migrated data from legacy systems into target environment and to do pre migration testing.
ezevntvue™ is a smarter web collaborated application for mobile device, which enables its users to be acquainted with the event.
Please Note:dbac ™, DataComparePro™, TurboLoadPro™ and ezevntvue™ are Trademark of Perfsystems India Pvt Ltd., India..