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- GM, SW Consulting Company, Japan.

"Thanks To Perfsystems!. Again I am very satisfied about the PS dba team. People don't realize they are lucky to have an efficient dba team, in my previous job, the dba's were not so good, therefore it was very difficult to work. I feel very happy to work with PS team."

- PM, SW Consulting Company,USA.

Mr.Raman was called up to issue the Graduates with their degree on the Vels University Graduation Day @ Vels campus on August 11,2012. He also added his valuable thought about education & carriers to the croud at the event.

Mr.Raman Chiefguest with Mr.Ishari K Ganesh,Chairman Vels University issuing the Graduation certificates to the students.



Mr.Raman Govindarajan & Mr.Ishari K Ganesh,Chairman of Vels University


Mr.Raman Govindarajan @ Vels College



Mr.Raman Govindarajan issuing Graduation Certificates to students