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Features of TurboLoadPro
  • Loading is automated with GUI and doesn’t require constructing of a control file.
  • Much faster and efficient than similar products, since it configures and loads dynamically.
  • Developed with OCI, C++ & Java.
  • Easily customizable for data migration.
  • Processes user input records and detects data format etc.,
  • Provides easy mapping for user objects’ column as input data fields.
  • Supports Oracle database for source and targets.


TurboLoadPro™ is an effective, high performance oracle loader tool which loads data from a flat file to the oracle database table using GUI.

TurboLoadPro™ - Overview

TurboloadPro™ uses Graphical User Interface to call the oracle instance and systematically initiate the data uploading with out the requirement of a control file. As a DBA, you can help yourself from the tedious method of constructing the control files.

User Interface Processes user input records and detects data formats etc… In addition, this provides easy mapping of user object’s column and input data fields.

TurboLoadPro™ Controls The Data Migration Issues

This simple and effective loader tool also addresses many of the issues in the data migration market.

• TurboLoadPro™ controls the overall costs due to application down time, extended staff time, data corruption and data loss.

• There is no requirement of manually writing the control files for the execution, which reduces the staff time and unexpected downtime involved in the process, which differentiates it, from other products in the market.

• Since the process is automated, the error marks due to improper coding or control file functioning is eliminated and the final output is corruption free without data loss.

• The application is much faster, controlling the unexpected downtime and better than other Oracle load products, since it dynamically configures and executes the load job based on host system and Oracle server configuration.

• The product is fully developed in java with OCI. This tool has no operational requirements and it is tested in different environments. Hence it has no production barriers and confirmed to be technically feasible, without compatibility issues.


TurboLoadPro™ is a high-speed data loading tool which loads data from external files into tables in an Oracle database. It provides database administrators with the fast performance and flexibility required to get load jobs conducted as quickly and efficiently as possible with the GUI.

  Please Note: TurboLoadPro™ is a trademark of perfSYSTEMS India Pvt Ltd., India.
                       Beta version is not for sale.